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Are you a demanding art and collection jewellery connoisseur? Then you must indulge in Anthony West's exquisite world. Capturing the essence of nature's beauty in a way that will leave you breathless, Anthony is a master artist specialising in seascapes and nudes.
His stunning seascapes transport you to the heart of the ocean, where you can almost hear the crashing waves and feel the salty spray on your skin. And his captivating nudes reveal the intimate beauty of the human form with a grace and elegance that is truly unique.
But that's not all. With a perfect balance of sophistication and a touch of raw beauty, Anthony also creates stunning organic jewellery in precious metals. Each piece is expertly crafted, inspired by the natural world and designed to be worn with pride.
Discover his world of unparalleled beauty and craftsmanship. Each piece is a testament to his passion and dedication to his art, and a worthy addition to any fine art or jewellery collection. Order now and experience the magic for yourself. Falls Skies Mountains Ocean


Ocean II

One of my favorite artists is Turner, perhaps living on the sea for a couple of years enhances my feelings for the water, although mine are away from the storm:

J.M.W. Turner's artistic career spanned six decades, during which he produced an enormous body of work. His paintings display a unique combination of technical skill, emotional intensity and deep understanding of nature.

At the beginning of his career, Turner was under the influence of traditional 18th-century landscape painting. He was renowned for his ability to create highly detailed and accurate representations of landscapes, buildings and seascapes. As he grew older, however, his style began to evolve and he began to experiment with more atmospheric effects in his paintings. Turner's later work is characterised by his use of light, colour and texture to convey mood and emotion. He often painted seascapes and harbours with a shimmering, almost otherworldly quality, and was particularly fascinated by the effects of light on water.

Turner was interested in capturing the sublime - the overwhelming beauty and power of nature. His seascapes in particular are famous for their dramatic depictions of storms, rough seas and rocky coastlines. Turner was able to create a sense of movement and energy in his paintings through his use of the brush and his ability to capture the changing light and weather conditions. Overall, Turner's work was groundbreaking for his time and had a significant influence on the development of modern art. He has become one of the most important figures in art history for his ability to convey emotion and mood through his use of colour and light, and his interest in capturing the beauty and power of nature.

One of the defining characteristics of Turner's seascapes is the sense of movement he is able to convey. Through his brushwork and use of colour, Turner was able to capture the dynamic, ever-changing nature of the sea, with its constantly shifting light, waves and currents. In many of Turner's seascapes, the water appears almost alive, with waves crashing against rocks and shorelines, and wind and spray whipping across the surface of the sea. The viewer can almost feel the movement and energy of the water, as if standing on the deck of a ship in the middle of a storm.

Turner achieved this sense of movement by using loose, expressive brushstrokes to suggest the swirling, turbulent movement of the waves. He also used a wide range of colours, from the deep blues and greens of the ocean depths to the fiery oranges and reds of sunsets and storms. This wide range of colour helped to convey the sense of constant change and movement in the sea. One of Turner's most famous seascapes, The Slave Ship, is a prime example of his ability to capture movement in his paintings. In this work he depicts a ship sailing through a turbulent sea, with waves crashing against the hull and the bodies of drowned slaves visible in the water. The painting is a powerful and emotive depiction of the brutality and violence of the slave trade, but it is also a remarkable example of Turner's ability to convey movement and energy in his seascapes.

Overall, Turner's seascapes are some of the most dynamic and energetic works in the history of art, and his ability to capture the movement and power of the sea has made him one of the most celebrated painters of all time.



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